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Tiny Health is the first research-backed platform to profile a baby’s microbes during their first 1,000 days, which begin at conception. This includes the mother’s microbiome within 9 months of pregnancy and the baby’s microbiome within their first two years. Catching patterns of gut dysbiosis unique to pregnancy and infancy can give parents the opportunity to protect against immune-mediated diseases that are programmed during this window of development. Research shows that these imbalances may lead to chronic conditions such as eczema, food allergies, asthma, type I diabetes, and obesity later in life.

Using at-home test kits, next generation sequencing, a proprietary knowledge base, and AI technology, Tiny Health provides key insights during this critical period as the microbiome rapidly takes shape and sets the trajectory for lifelong health. This helps us to generate personalized, actionable recommendations and early interventions that give each baby the best possible start in life.

Our mission is to improve health outcomes of future generations through evidence-based insights

Why Tiny Health?

Life is short, do work that matters. Gut health and immune response are more important now than ever.

🚀  Crazy ambitious mission: we're reinventing how we should think about pregnancy and infant wellness, leveraging all the exciting research in the early-life microbiome space. This is an opportunity to have a trajectory-altering impact on humanity
🤑  Competitive equity compensation structure: we don't have "founders" and "early employees" - only founding team members. As a founding member, you will be granted shares instead of options (on top of other generous benefits)
🎑  Feels like family: we have a grown-up, thoughtful culture but we love having a playful side and a sense of humor
👾  Lots of room to experiment, iterate, and build: we have a huge vision and you'll have the opportunity to grow rapidly and influence the strategic direction of the company (and we have 2+ years of runway to make that happen)
👓  Transparent culture: we do the right thing: by the team, users, stakeholders. When you have complete trust in your teammates, you can be much more open and move faster ;)

Remote-First Company: While our founder is based in the SF Bay Area, we have a really diverse and international team from the midwest, east coast, Europe and South America. As long as you can work within 3 hours from the 9-6pm PST timezone, it doesn't matter where you live.


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Free bi-annual gut testing for your kids (<3 years)

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Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, microbiologists, scientists, bioinformaticians, consumer product specialists, and academics committed to pioneering the future of maternal and infant healthcare. We come from institutions such as UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, John Hopkins University, UCSD, Stanford University, and Cornell University. We are a small, but diverse and international team from all around the world and welcome applicants who value that.

Our Investors

Tiny Health is backed by the top founders and operators in technology and health from Coinbase, GoogleX, TrendMD, StartX Med, Hinge Health, Calm, Signos, Roblox, Walmart Labs, Dropbox, Recogni, Awesome People Ventures, Wisdom Partners and Parenthood Ventures  - as well as The Venture City, Conscience VC, Polymath Capital, Hustle Fund, and OnDeck Runway.