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Practitioner membership program

Practitioner Membership Program:
Enhance patient care

  • Practitioner member-only 15% off discount on all our microbiome test kits (save $30/kit)
  • FREE results review sessions with in-house doctors and microbiologists
  • Support through chat, email and office hours
  • Exclusive content including educational, promotional and practitioner community opportunities
  • Patient referrals for remote practitioners
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Empower your patients with the most in depth knowledge on their microbes - and actions to optimize their health.

The microbiome is a big piece of the health puzzle. Other microbiome tests are expensive. And they aren't targeted to all of your patient ages and needs. With our membership program, Tiny Health Practitioners can gain microbiome insights tailored to all of your patients. From newborns to parents, and from children to women who are trying to conceive, we've got each phase of life covered. With Practitioner membership, more affordable kits means that you can offer your patients tests more frequently and find out if interventions are working while tracking progress. 

Kits at 15% off

Monitor your patient's microbiome health over time with ease

Catch underlying patterns, keep tabs on your progress, and understand what’s working and what’s not for your patients with multiple data points. A single test gives you a very informative baseline, but you can learn even more by tracking gut health over time. With the practitioner portal (December 2022) you can view all your patient results in one place.

Save $30 on gut and vaginal test kits
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Unlimited support

Review results with our microbiome specialists

Get guidance on patient results in multiple ways including chat, email, drop-in support hours and 1:1 reviews with our team. From quick clarifications to big picture questions, we can ensure you have confidence when reviewing results with patients.

Non-member consultation price: $100/30minute consult
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Enhance your knowledge of the microbiome

Gain access to exclusive educational content. Through webinars, small group case reviews, member-only email communications you can become an expert in the microbiome. Feel empowered knowing you are providing your patients with the most up to date recommendations for microbiome health.

Only available to Tiny Health practitioner members
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Community and referrals

Join a community and expand your practice

Meet other like-minded practitioners, and reach new potential patients. Through a community of practitioners you can share insights with and posed questions to a trusted community. And through social media opportunities with Tiny Health, you can expand your audience and reach new potential patients. Tiny Health practitioner members that practice remotely are also eligible for patient referrals from Team Tiny directly.

Only available for practitoner members
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Plus all these exclusive, members-only perks:

  • Easy kit delivery either to your office or directly to your patients
  • Access to a private community of practitioners
  • Patient referrals for our patients with needs beyond Tiny Health's test
  • Instagram live interviews through both your platform or Tiny Health's
  • Request educational sessions on topics of your choice to keep you in the know on microbiome topics most important to you.
  • Small group sessions on new key insight releases
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Become a member and save thousands of dollars a year

The annual membership fee is only $199 for all of your patients. With Practitioner Membership, ordering just 6 tests in one year,  you save - and thats not even including all the additional educational, community and support perks.

A happy father of asian features smiling to camera with his baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features in the forest with her baby in arms
A happy mother of asian features and black hair in her home with her baby in arms
A happy father of asian features smiling to camera with his baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features in the forest with her baby in arms
A happy mother of asian features and black hair in her home with her baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features smiling to camera with her baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features and blonde hair in the beach with her baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features and brown hair in her home with her baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features smiling to camera with her baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features and blonde hair in the beach with her baby in arms
A happy mother of caucasian features and brown hair in her home with her baby in arms

What happens after I join?

Join our Practitioner Partners list

Right after you join we’ll make sure you are a part of our Practitioner Partners list. This will ensure you have access to all the content and information about upcoming events.

Order as many test kits as needed and start sampling

We'll provide you with a special link to access the kits at the practitioner member-only rate so you can sample as many patients as you need. You can order kits to have on hand in the office or ship directly to your patients.

Get support on your patients' personalized results and recommendations

Once your patients' results are in, you’ll receive research-backed suggestions to improve your patients' microbiome health. We are available to answer questions big and small to ensure you have confidence in the results and plan.

Attend webinars, host IG lives and stay engaged with Team Tiny

We’re a team. The Tiny Health Practitioner Membership program exists to support the amazing work you do and provide a missing piece of the puzzle. Reach out with ideas, topics you want to learn more about and to schedule social media spots on our Instagram.

What our customers are saying

“When you get health information, people tell you to check with your provider. But often times the providers don’t have the type of knowledge about the early life gut microbiome that Tiny Health does.”
Lauren B.
”After so many formula changes, we weren’t sure how to interpret the results. The Tiny Health Team did a real time review of the formulas we’ve used and how they could influence our baby's microbiome.”
Lillian H.
“My baby has a lot of symptoms and her gut had many items that needed support, so I wasn’t sure what I should prioritize. I was really grateful to speak to a qualified pediatrician who studied microbiology at Tiny Health, and that really clarified the approach and protocols that I would take to start improving my baby’s gut health. I will definitely resample after each step, so that I know what’s working and what’s not.”
Natasha L.
“It was so reassuring to learn that the actions I’ve been taking are helping my children have good gut health. Encourages me to keep them up.”
Paige G.
“My husband and I did the test together (I’m currently pregnant) and I really loved that Tiny Health’s membership came with special discounts to supplements. We received really tailored advice based on our lifestyle and were blown away by how much time the team took to research whether our current supplements were good for us. We’re excited to test frequently with our baby.”
Abby B. 
“Talking with the Tiny Health Team we were able to get specific recommendations about options for probiotic brands and dietary change and guidance on how long we should try them before re-sampling.”
Mallory J.
“The super detailed report analysis went through all my baby’s symptoms, made connections to his gut results and also analyzed all the probiotics he’s been taking to give me clues on what may have worked or not worked. It made me feel 100% heard. Just getting this level of reporting itself is worth the membership price alone.”
Elizabeth Y.
“Speaking with the experts at Tiny Health helped me to prioritize the actions I could take to improve gut health and to make decisions around re-testing based on the actions I was planning to take.”
Brittany O.
“The biggest takeaway from my consultation call was to focus on strategies to increase beneficial bacteria rather than get rid of unfriendly bacteria. We’re often so focused on getting rid of bad stuff, that the opposite might work better! I don’t think I would’ve come away with that on my own.”
Alyssa F.
“Wonderful service - I had such an informative conversation and guidance from Cheryl and Kim. I've ordered all the recommended supplements and will be working with my naturopathic doctor to follow up with some issues we identified. I love that I’m learning about upcoming pregnancy tests and can already start taking action to improve my health rather than to wait for a negative test to show up later. Thanks for providing this essential knowledge to help moms and families navigate gut health!”
Mary B.
“I have found that it is very rare for a pediatrician or even functional medicine practitioner to be on top of the details of specific bacteria within the gut. My doctors do not have such information. While the written report had lots of information and some suggestions, the reasoning and tradeoffs behind the recommendations came alive by talking to you about it.”
Scott H. 

Being a Practitioner member means:

Practitioners membership
Non-member practitioners
Microbiome health test
$169 - gut test
$119 - vaginal test
(Save $30 per test)
$179 - gut test
$129 - vaginal test
(Save $20 per test)
$149 - gut test
1-on-1 consults with Team Tiny
$100 per consult
2 free consults per year
Plus 50% off follow up consults
Additional support
Multiple options
(Email, chat, phone, drop-in support hours)
Basic support
Chat and email
Practitioner portal
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An X icon
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A check mark iconA check mark icon
Exclusive events, live webinars, request topics of interest
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Access to recorded content
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Patient referrals
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s well established that a child’s gut microbiome in the first 1,000 days is one of the most important contributors to their lifelong health.

But on times we only look into gut health when symptoms appear.

We believe it’s best to closely monitor baby gut health, starting as early as 7 days old. This is because underlying gut issues may not cause visible symptoms until a child is older. But at that point, gut health may be past the restorative stage and more about symptom management.

A Practitioner membership allows you to easily track your patient's microbiomes during pregnancy and their baby’s gut health during key windows of development. So that you can take action when it matters most.

With that said, you can test your patients anytime - we have insights for the whole family at all stages of life.

After you become a Practitioner member, we’ll ask you to fill out the Practitioner Partner Form so we can get to know more about you. We will then set up a time to meet with our Medical Director to get you started.

With the membership, you’ll receive a members-only link to purchase as many gut tests as needed at a special discount price.
As you test your patient's microbiomes, you’ll receive research-backed suggestions to improve the health of your patients. You can also sign up for webinars and support before or after results arrive.

Patients can use their FSA/HSA to pay for microbiome test kits and supplements. The cost of the membership itself may not be covered. That said, we recommend checking with your patients' FSA/HSA company/carrier for more information and details as to how you can use these funds.

We’re happy to provide any additional documentation you need, like a superbill. Please email us at hello@tinyhealth.com.

Practitioner membership is for healthcare providers who are seeking to improve their patient's microbiome health, either as a preventative tool or to gain more data in response to symptoms. When you test the microbiome multiple times over a period of time - instead of a single sample - you’re able to learn more about your patients' health.

The ability to test multiple times shows health trends along with the impact of steps you are recommending for your patients to support their health. And whether or not they’re working.

80% of a person’s immune system lives in the gut. Immune health is largely determined by the balance of beneficial versus unfriendly microbes in a baby’s gut during the first 1,000 days. This includes the first 9 months of pregnancy and a child’s first two years.

A child’s gut matures into an adult-like microbiome between 3-5 years old. However this doesn’t mean that testing after the age of 5 years old won’t help. While early microbiome signals for chronic conditions may be less clear, it’s worth keeping track of any imbalances so that you can recommend adjustments if necessary. As a healthcare provider, you have countless opportunities to guide your patient's diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Tiny Health tests can help uncover underlying issues if you have patients who are:

  • Currently trying to conceive
  • Currently pregnant
  • Experience vaginal or gut issues
  • Children born via C-section
  • Taking or have taken antibiotics during labor or early in life (first 3 years)
  • Experiencing colic, trouble sleeping, or digestive issues
  • Dealing with a chronic condition like eczema, food allergies, or constipation
  • Taking a probiotic and you are wondering if it’s working
  • Making some dietary, supplement, or lifestyle changes and want to track how it influences gut health

What’s included with your Practitioner membership:

  • Members-only $30 savings on every gut test you purchase
  • Free support to walk through patient results. This includes video consultation, support drop-in hours, chat and text.
  • Access to our recommendations for personalized actions your patients can take that addresses lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements
  • Educational content including webinars.
  • Access to our practitioner portal (Coming soon)
  • Patient referrals to your practice
  • Exclusive discounts on products recommended by Tiny Health
  • Access to our private community of providers

What’s not included:

  • Diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition

An annual Practitioner membership is $199 upfront. This gives you access to $169/kit gut testing, $119/kit vaginal testing (retail price: $199/kit and $149/kit).

Non-members currently pay $100/call for a 30-minute consultation. Practitioner members get unlimited FREE support.

Some providers signed up for a subscription plan, or for our Tiny+ membership before we created the Practitioner Membership. We created a separate membership program for practitioners using the feedback we gained from meeting with our earliest partners. Discounted kits, education, support, a results portal - we heard you!

Although the kit prices have a slightly lower discount for our practitioners than for the Tiny+ membership, there is hundreds of dollars worth of perks just for practitioners. For those interested in accessing all the practitioner perks, please reach out and we will work to convert your account to a Practitioner Member account.

Practitioner membership is set to auto-renew every year. One month before your membership is up, we’ll send you a message to remind you of the renewal. You’ll have the opportunity to opt out before your card is charged, or proceed with an updated plan.

At Tiny Health, our membership is set up as an annual plan. All members have the opportunity to cancel their membership at any point in their annual plan, however we are not able to process a refund on your membership fees.

If you have any questions or would like to cancel your membership, please get in touch at hello@tinyhealth.com.

Have more questions?

We’re happy to help! Reach out to our team using the buttons bellow and we’ll be happy to go over your specific case and give you pressure-free advice about optimizing your family’s gut health with our membership program.

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