A beautiful open box with a gut health test kit and a hand reaching for a letter that reads "ok, time for a gut check"
A beautiful open box with a gut health test kit and a hand reaching for a letter that reads "ok, time for a gut check"

Your baby's gut health starts during pregnancy

Jumpstart your baby's immune system with Tiny Health: The first-ever at-home gut health test for pregnancy. Get your first kit risk-free with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Developed by researchers from:

A beautiful open box with a gut health test kit and a hand reaching for a letter that reads "ok, time for a gut check"
a graphic of a pregnant woman and how her gut health and microbes are passed down to her baby during labor

Could you do more than a prenatal to help your baby have a healthy, happy start?

Taking a prenatal during pregnancy is a good start. But it doesn’t account for a big piece of the puzzle: your microbiome. During birth, you’ll transfer the first, most important bacteria to your baby to jumpstart their immune system.

Low levels of key bacteria can lead to lifelong health issues

Most early life conditions (fussiness, sleep issues, reflux, eczema, food allergies) and some long-term ones (asthma, autoimmune, autism) link to your baby's gut microbiome. That’s why it’s so important to monitor your gut even before they’re born.

An illustration of a young child playing with a dog and coming into contact with microbes showing how those microbes impact his gut health

Tiny Health empowers you to take action when it matters most

With our pregnancy gut health test, you’ll get a precise picture of what’s happening in your gut and how to optimize it for your baby’s health. Testing is fast, easy and mess-free.

A screenshot of Tiny Health's app, showing 2 different diagrams of microbes distribution and microbiome seeding at birth
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First microbiome test developed for pregnancy

A screenshot of Tiny Health's app, showing the personalized recommendations that users get after they perform a test
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Actionable, evidence-based insights and recommendations

A screenshot of Tiny Health's app, showing a panel with associations between pregnancy gut microbiome and health
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Get to the root of chronic conditions before they start

Join hundreds of moms with happy, healthy babies

“I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is pregnant. I was blown away by how actionable the report was, and it was very reassuring to see positive changes"
Ashley B.
Portland, OR
“As a mom to a child with allergies, I am grateful for these actionable suggestions to strengthen her microbiome. I only wish I had found it when I was pregnant”
Charlotte M.
Miami, FL
“We started with Tiny Health when I was pregnant and immediately took action. Now my baby is 3 mo. old and we can't wait to do another sample to see how she’s evolving!”
Amy B.
Denver, CO
“My son was born via c section and suffered from mild eczema and bad gas. After a month with Tiny Health both issues resolved completely”
Jessie M.
Bainbridge Island, WA
“My 1+ month son had bad colic and gas. Colic drops didn’t work. Through Tiny Health’s tests, we got to the root and of his fussiness and sleep issues went away”
Vijen T.
Walnut Creek, CA 
“After taking Tiny Health’s tests I decided to attempt a VBAC instead of a c-section, and seeing the results encouraged me to exclusively breastfeed my baby.”
Marta N.
Boston, MA
“Very impressed with how many insights we received. Our pediatrician was comfortable with the suggested actions and our baby’s symptoms went away after.”
Mary D.
Jersey City, NJ
“Our baby’s early day issues caused a lot of distress and sleepless nights for us, and Tiny Health was empowering in that it showed us what was going on”
Kateejah M.
San Francisco, CA
“I knew gut health is really important for overall health, but had no idea that the mom’s microbes had such a huge role to play in the baby’s gut!”
Laura M.
Sterling, VA
“We really liked getting evidence-based recommendations from Tiny Health targeted specifically on what your baby's gut needs.”
Casey L.
Brooklyn, NY

Set up your child for the healthiest life they can have

Healthier guts, healthier babies. Sampling takes less than 5 minutes, and you’ll get a personalized report to start taking decisive steps towards optimal health.

photography of a gut health test kit laid out on a flat surface including a test box, an envelope, an instruction manual, a test swab and a phone with Tiny Health's mobile app

Tiny Health makes it really easy

Mess-free test at home

With our lab-validated dry swab, you can sample your ‘number two’ directly from a soiled tissue paper. No gloves, no messy collection device.

A graphic showing baby gut health type and gut microbes distribution
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Get your health report

Log into your account and take a close look at your gut microbiome and how it impacts your baby’s long-term health

A graphic showing personalized recommendations for gut health during pregnancy after taking a test
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Take action with a custom plan

We’ll provide you with an actionable plan from our team of pediatric experts and microbiologists to give your baby the best start possible

A graphic showing gut health progress after pregnancy during the baby's first months
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Keep tabs on your progress

Repeat the test on your baby after birth at regular intervals to monitor their gut development over time and see their progress

Developed with leading experts in early-life microbiome health

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Ruben Mars, PhD

Founding Advisor

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Center for Individualized Medicine Microbiome Program, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

a woman smiling

N. Calloway R, MD, MPH

Medical Advisor

Medical Advisor; Practicing OB/GYN Hospitalist Physician, Creator and Host of The All About Pregnancy & Birth Podcast

photography of a woman smiling

Dr. Kim Green, MD

Medical Advisor

Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF; Paediatrician and former Chief Innovation Officer, Kaiser Permanente

photography of a man smiling

Noel Mueller, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University

a man smiling

Rodney Dietert, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Professor Emeritus of Microbiology & Immunology, Cornell University

photography of a woman smiling

Elisabeth Bik, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Founder of Microbiome Digest; Former Research Associate at The Relman Lab, Stanford University

“We were able to identify and take action on his condition early on”

“As a first-time mom, I didn’t realize the impact my diet during pregnancy could have on my baby’s microbiome.  Thanks to Tiny Healthy I was able to adjust my diet and take the necessary steps to ensure my baby’s health. After he was born, I tested him and followed Tiny Health’s recommendations.  After 4 months, we retook the test and saw a drastic improvement. We were able to take the proper preventative steps to make his immune system stronger.  We are so thankful!”

Katie L.
Pleasanton, CA
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photography of a gut health test kit laid out on a flat surface including a test box, an envelope, an instruction manual, a test swab and a phone with Tiny Health's mobile app

Take control of your baby’s gut health, starting today

Your kit includes:

  • Mess-free pregnancy gut health test
  • Comprehensive list of all the microbes and its relative abundance
  • Personalized gut health report (delivered in just 4 weeks)
  • Evidence-based guides & recommendations
  • Prepaid return shipping to lab
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The first gut test designed for moms & babies

Tiny Health was founded by a mom who wanted to test her baby’s gut trajectory after her C-section and couldn’t find a straight answer in the market. Our test is the first to measure what matters most to babies. Other gut tests use “adult reference ranges,” which are entirely different from babies' ranges and lead to incorrect conclusions. 

Your privacy comes first

  • We will never sell your data
  • Your info is confidential
  • Data is encrypted and secure

100% CLIA compliant lab

  • Tested in the US
  • Guaranteed accuracy & reliability
  • Highest quality standard
a picture with a stack of Tiny Health gut health test kits for pregnancy on top of a coffee table, and a hand reaching for the top one

The Tiny Health team has 7 PhDs, 106 scientific publications, 5,875 citations and 5 provisional patents

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image of a woman with glasses
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The science behind Tiny Health

Highest resolution analysis

We use deep-shotgun metagenomics sequencing, the gold standard to get a comprehensive analysis you can rely on to make informed decisions

Breakthrough insights

We use functional profiling to what microbes are present, how much of them are there, and what they’re actually doing

Targeted suggestions

We use strain-level identification and precision science to detect and confirm microbes' transference, probiotics impact, and more

How does Tiny Health compare to other gut health tests?

PCR Tests

(GI Map, GI Effects)
Tailored to mom and baby’s biomarkers
a green checkmark
An X icon
An X icon
An X icon
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State-of-the art deep shotgun sequencing
a green checkmark
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Shallow Shotgun
RNA testing (accurate but highly variable)
Outdated 16S Sequencing Technology (high false positives)
Actionable report
a green checkmark
Needs physician for
recs (extra $$)
Action is taking the
brand’s probiotics only
Evidence-based, bias-free probiotic & supplements recommendations
a green checkmark
An X icon
An X icon
Comprehensiveness of the test
Full list of all bacteria, yeast, parasites, archaea, and viruses in your gut
Limited to only a subset of microbes the test can identify
List of all bacteria only at the species level
Limited to species level, no reference ranges
Bacteria only
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Ready to jumpstart your baby's health based on data?

Tiny Health empowers mothers everywhere to stop guessing about their baby’s health. Sampling takes less than 5 minutes. Get your first kit today:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a stool test collected with a lab-certified sampling swab from soiled tissue paper.

The process is simple and unlike other tests on the market, Tiny Health doesn't require gloves, a spoon-like collection device, or that you handle stool at all, other than on a regular tissue paper.

The sample is then stored in the included container and zippered back and mailed back to us on the prepaid envelope included with your kit.

Not at all. Our business model doesn't involve selling data for profit and everything you share with us is strictly confidential. We may however take a referral commission if you decide to purchase recommended supplements from our trusted partners using the links we provide. Doing so comes at no extra cost to you and it helps us keep improving our service over time.

Microbiome health as a field is relatively new compared to medicine in general. However, human microbiome research has grown over the past 10 years and rose exponentially in the past five years as sequencing technology became more affordable.

There are now more researchers looking closely at how the microbiome is related to health and disease. When it comes to the baby microbiome and associations with health or disease, some very clear patterns have emerged. We pull data and reference high-quality research that is reproducible and gives consistent results. This way, you can be confident in the information that we share. 

Traditional medical practitioners don’t get training for microbiome health and as such, are not always familiar with the latest research and recommendations on this field of medicine.

However, our tests are developed by a team of leading pediatric scientists and physicians who are on the cutting edge of this impactful field.

Often, it’s up to your doctor to keep up on the latest research and most don’t have the time. In addition to this, it can take 10 - 15 years for academic research to be put into medical practice. So it’s possible that your doctor hasn’t heard about the gut microbiome. 

But that doesn’t mean that it’s something to wait on.

Especially during pregnancy and the first few years of life.Recent studies show just how important the microbiome is to your baby’s immune development. You can use microbiome testing to make sure your baby has bacteria that protect health.

Not at all. Unlike DNA testing, conditions associated with the microbiome are reversible and risks can be reduced by taking preventative measures. Instead of just being worried about it, you can take the recommended actions and get some well-deserved peace of mind.

  • A full breakdown of what we find in your gut and vaginal microbiome
  • Your Tiny Health Gut Type
  • Key Insights about your microbiome and what this means for your health
  • Condition Biomarkers, which may give you clues about what’s happening in your body and your risk for specific conditions 
  • Associations between any symptoms your baby might have and your microbiome
  • Practical tips and recommendations that are unique to your test results
  • A personalized note from Tiny Health’s microbiologists and immunologists. 
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