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Transform your patient care with state of the art gut microbiome testing

  • Easy at-home and in-office microbiome testing for babies and children
  • Get the the root cause of your patients’ symptoms and maintain health with easy to implement testing
  • Potentially uncover microbiome-related chronic conditions like eczema, allergies and more
  • Get unlimited consults with our clinical team, access to our dedicated portal for patient management and more!

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Developed by researchers from

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Deliver deep, tailored insights to your patients

  • Shotgun metagenomics testing to give you strain level resolution and the most comprehensive relative abundances of microbiota
  • Functional insights to assess the capacity of the microbiome to perform functions from digestion of HMOs, fibers and complex sugars to production of SCFAs
  • Predictive biomarkers linked to inflammatory conditions, gut lining health, and a wide range of conditions from the most recently available research
  • Unique metrics with our PRO test including immunology, SCFAs concentration, inflammation markers, and intestinal health markers

How we look at the microbiome

Shotgun sequencing

Through metagenomic sequencing, Tiny Health uses the nucleic acids in microbial DNA to identify all microbes present in the sample.

Taxonomy & functions

We use functional profiling along with relative abundance to determine the microbes functions: what they’re actually doing in the body.

Species detection

Each sample screens for 120,000+ bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoan parasites– down to a 0.05% relative abundance.

CLIA-CAP certified

All Tiny Health tests are processed in a US Based CLIA-certified and CAP-certified lab, assuring the highest quality standards.

Tackling challenging symptoms or conditions in your patients?

Chances are the answer is in their gut microbiome

Sleep issues
Cow’s milk protein allergy

See the impact of Tiny Health’s insights to these families

a slide showing a "Tiny Case Study" with a play button that if clicked will lead you to the case study video

Tiny Case Study: Finally a Happy Baby Through a Year of Tears

a slide showing a "Tiny Case Study" with a play button that if clicked will lead you to the case study video

Tiny Case Study: A Mother's Intuition Shapes a Family's Journey with FPIES

a slide showing a "Tiny Case Study" with a play button that if clicked will lead you to the case study video

Tiny Case Study: A Tale of Two Babies and the Birth of the Tiny Health Baby Gut Test

a slide showing a "Tiny Case Study" with a play button that if clicked will lead you to the case study video

Tiny Case Study: Supporting the Vaginal Microbiome to Build a Family

Manage your clients easily through our practitioner portal

Order, track, view results, download PDF and book calls with our team all from one platform. Tiny Health provides unlimited support for practitioners.
Condition related insights

Easy results review with our with our practitioner PDF

  • Review results of interest at multiple levels of detail from categories to the full list of detected microbes.
  • Get a high-level summary of results at a glance and access to in-depth functional, abundance and signature metrics.
  • Easily upload results to your patient or client portal.
  • Get population comparison charts.
  • Clinical Indications provide you with potential actions while leaving final recommendations up to you. The personalized action plan with full Tiny Health recommendations remain available on individual accounts, accessible via the practitioner portal.
  • Tiny Health's Gut & Vaginal Health Tests are available in all 50 US states and Canada.

Access our PRO Gut Health Test, only available to practitioners

  • The most comprehensive stool test on the market.
  • In addition to the microbial insights, practitioners have access to a panel of stool chemistry markers.
  • These additional metrics illuminate colonic inflammation, gut barrier integrity and digestive function beyond the microbiome.
  • Not available in NY, NJ, RI and Canada.
PRO Gut health tests

The #1 Pediatric Stool Gut Health Test Trusted By Top Pediatricians

"I love how Tiny Health's gut health tests empower parents with knowledge, turning the mysteries of the microbiome into actionable health steps for their children."

Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh, MD, MSc
Board-Certified Pediatrician, Creator of Raising Amazing Podcast

“Tiny Health is THE microbiome test that all babies and children should do. Knowledge is Power. And no matter where you are on your child’s health journey, it’s never too late to get your child’s gut microbiome in order!”

Dr Elisa Song, MD
Stanford-, NYU-, UCSF-trained integrative pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert

The first gut test designed with families in mind

Tiny Health was founded by Cheryl, a Mom looking to heal her baby’s microbiome after a C-Section birth. Unable to find clear, reliable answers anywhere she quickly realized that the only gut microbiome tests on the market were designed for grown-ups, not babies, leading to inaccurate results. She set out to create the first ever test to measure the microbiome health of babies during the critical first 1,000 days of life

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Tiny Health Founder

Join 600+ practices using Tiny Health every day

“Tiny Health has been an invaluable tool for my own children and the families I see in my clinical practice. To know exactly what is going on in the gut helps drive evidenced-based interventions that create real health changes. I can't say enough good things about this company.
Dr. Joy Eberhardt, MD, FAAP
Gut improvements from the focused recommendations have assisted many of my patients with reintroduction of foods that were once problematic. The test results have been very reassuring to several of my patients, helping ease parental anxiety.
Dr. Annelise Huntzinger, DO
I appreciate the intense detailed picture of the microbiome that the Tiny Health test provides. Understanding the balance of strains present and lacking helps me to ensure holistic treatment for infants experiencing gas, colic, reflux and non-IgE allergies.
Robyn Price, RD CBS

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