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Get to the root cause of issues and discover a personalized path to wellness. In honor of moms everywhere, we're giving you $30 OFF* all Tiny+ Memberships, Targeted Programs, and Baseline Assessments.  

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Tiny Health empowers you to take control of your family's microbiome.

Annual Membership

Take proactive care of your family's microbiome health

Tiny+ Baby Membership

Tiny+ Baby Membership

Track and optimize your baby’s gut for lifelong immune health

Monitor your baby's gut microbiome development in the pivotal first 1,000 days of life at an unbeatable price.

Tiny+ Child Membership

Tiny+ Child Membership

Build the foundation of your child's lifelong health

Unlock better long term health with science-backed tools to improve your child's gut and immune health

Tiny+ Adult Membership

Tiny+ Adult Membership

Unlock wellness from the inside out

Live and feel your best with science-backed tools to improve your energy, health, and longevity

Tiny+ Vaginal Membership

Tiny+ Vaginal Membership

The vaginal health program designed just for you

Finally a membership designed to give women and anyone with a vagina, the science-backed tools, and personalized care they deserve

Tiny+ Family Membership

Tiny+ Family Membership

Support your family's gut health through life's ups and downs

Whether recovering from illness or navigating a shift in your environment, support your family's health with the first gut health program for whatever life throws your way

Targeted programs

Actively tackling a chronic condition? These 6-month programs may be right for you.

$30 off 1st month

Baby’s Gut Program

Take action to tackle your baby’s symptoms and rebalance their gut with two gut health tests and ongoing support from an expert coach.
$30 off 1st month

Child’s Gut Program

Tackle common conditions like constipation, asthma, allergies, food sensitivities, and more with guidance from an expert coach to rebalance your child's gut.
$30 off 1st month

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Program

Take action to optimize your gut for your baby's best lifelong health. Reduce risk of vaginal conditions that are linked to preterm labor.
$30 off 1st month

Vaginal Health Program

Take action to optimize your vaginal health. Address your discomfort at the root cause and reduce risk of vaginal conditions that are linked to preterm labor.
$30 off 1st month

Optimize Program

Take action to optimize your gut health for your best lifelong health. Stay ahead of changes you make to your lifestyle.

Baseline tests

Not sure which option to get? Start with a single kit and a consult call to determine next steps.

Baby Gut Baseline Assessment

The most complete gut microbiome test for babies and toddlers, designed for ages 0-3.

Child Gut Baseline Assessment

Track gut health, check for parasites, and monitor inflammation in children ages 3 to 18.

Adult Gut Baseline Assessment

Gold-standard deep shotgun microbiome test with in-depth reporting and recommendations.

Vaginal Baseline Assessment

Ensure you can support fertility and a full-term birth with a healthy vaginal microbiome.

Pregnancy Gut Baseline Assessment

First gut test for women trying to conceive, during pregnancy, or during postpartum.


Pregnancy Bundle

Pregnancy Bundle

All the microbiome test kits you need for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Gift Cards

For practitioners

Start offering next generation microbiome testing in your practice

Tiny Health tests enhance your practice at a fraction of the cost of traditional PCR tests, with state of the art insights from shotgun metagenomics.

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Help us advance microbiome science

Childhood Allergies

Your purchase of the Tiny Health Gut Test may contribute to science on the potential link between the infant (and mom) gut microbiome and the development of allergies. In partnership with Free to Feed, we intend to publish our findings when the study concludes.

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Fertility IVF

Going through IVF? Your participation could contribute to science to better understand how the vaginal and gut microbiome may impact IVF treatment. In partnership with Matthew Foley, Ph.D., we intend to publish our findings when the study concludes.

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