Functional health coaching sessions

Navigate your results with our microbiome specialists

Get additional guidance from our handpicked microbiome specialists to navigate your results, ask questions and adjust your action plan based on your progress.

Tiny Consult Call on Zoom

Understand the ins and outs of your results

And if you are not sure where to start, discuss which items to focus on first

Guidance on how to make dietary changes

Such as when to introduce new probiotics and supplements with your family's food preferences, allergies, and medical history in mind.

Answer any questions about your results or action plan

Understand how to best sequence your recommendations for maximum impact

Meet the coaches

All our microbiome specalists come from extensive experience in the field in functional medicine, nursing, nutrition, and more and will help you get to the root cause of your concerns

Jennie Vera
Jennie Vera
Registered Nurse, CNS
Helps families cultivate healthy habits for life after witnessing its power firsthand.
Taylor Soderborg
Taylor Soderborg
After 15 years in academic medicine now builds bridges across all types of healthcare.
Amy Orlandi
Amy Orlandi
Functional Med. CHC, MPH
Specialized in working with families to navigate picky eating with fun and easy techniques.
Danielle Shea Tan
Danielle Shea Tan
Lic. Nutritionist, CNS
Over one decade helping families thrive and heal chronic gut and skin issues.
Natalie Betzer
Natalie Betzer
Passionate about leveraging expertise to help people reestablish and maintain gut health as a critical pillar of wellness.
Emily Cerda
Emily Cerda
Lic. Dietitian-Nutritionist, CNS
Has spent the last decade focused on healthy pediatric gut function and nutrition to help parents change their child's story.
Jennifer McDow
Jennifer McDow
MS, Lic. Dietitian-Nutritionist, CNS
Empowers individuals and families to live their healthiest, most nourished lives through personalized nutrition counseling.

What others are saying about our coaching sessions

“I would highly recommend booking a consult so you have an expert break down the findings of your results. We had Natalie, and she provided us a wealth of knowledge and insights.”
Mitch Florence
“The folks at Tiny Health were very supportive in helping me understand my son's results and the results themselves were a great look inside to see what might be going on.  Thankful to have a more proactive option instead of reactive option that was available to us.”
Libby R
“Thank you so much for your help and recommendations!  10/10 so happy I scheduled the consultation!”
“Natalie did a great job helping me understand my son's gut health results overall and in the context of his eczema. It feels good to know that we'll be giving our son the specific supplements he needs in order to optimize his gut health and the best shot at improving his skin. Thanks, Natalie!”
“Amy was amazing and shared a wealth of information during our short time together! I'm excited to book my next consult with her to discuss the results of my son's test.”
Dr. Jackie White
“Emily went over all of our results and the action plan so thoroughly and thoughtfully. She extensively answered my questions and was so helpful.”
“My son has had eczema since he was 2 months old, and it got worse as he got older. It was so painful as a parent to see him suffer. After a coaching call to review the action plan, we started him on a probiotic that specifically targets the issue. It’s only been a week, and we’re seeing so much improvement! Excited to see this could help address his eczema from the root cause!”
“Having everything explained in more detail on the consultation and some extra little things that I can add in to help the process along was really helpful.”
“Amy was well prepared for the consultation. She offered to send me links to specific products. She also offered to send me recipes and had ideas to help get specific foods into my diet. She gave me a plan to follow.”
“With the help of our expert consult we selected the right probiotic for our situation and were able to get my baby started at 16 months. After the first week of being on the full dose of the probiotic he had the best night of his life.”
Nicky Harrison
“Helped me to truly understand my body. My consult with Danielle was so helpful and she really tried to help me find the best solutions!”
“The nurse that I spoke with to go over my daughter results was so sweet. Spent time making sure I understood it and great job explaining everything. Had a good experience overall with this company!”
Amy G
“Jennie was very knowledgeable about my child's results and presented the information so I could follow along and understand it all fully. She also has my families best interest at heart and is not about just recommending more testsâ but actually taking the steps to heal him!”
Tiny Health Customer
“I appreciate the willingness to continue to support me as a practitioner using the tests. Jenn seemed very knowledgeable and gave a great explanation of the report and how it reads. Looking forward to incorporating it into my practice regularly.”
“The consultation was so helpful on top of the way the results were presented! After reviewing the results on our own, we were able to come to the consult with targeted questions and add more context where we had concerns.”
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Disclaimer: Tiny Health’s Functional Health Coaching Sessions are not medical advice. While our team does include medical doctors and microbiome specialists, our tests are intended for wellness and educational purposes only. They cannot diagnose or treat disease, and they aren't a substitute for a physician's consultation. However, you can print or download a PDF of your report to take to your provider for more guidance. If you purchase a baseline test, the included coaching session expires 3 months after receiving your report’s results.