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The first 1,000 days of your baby's life? No big deal. It just sets the pace for a lifetime of health.

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Your microbiome is the 38 trillion microbes that live with you. And your baby inherits them at birth.

While most microbes hang out in the gut, their influence reaches far beyond digestion. From protection against food allergies and asthma to healthy brain development, your baby's microbes work for them.

Most of the time.

Tiny Health offers microbiome tests for expectant parents and babies to
detect gut imbalances that are linked to:

What is microbiome seeding at birth?

Your baby inherits its microbiome from the mother at birth via a colonization process called seeding. These microbes are essential to develop your baby's immune system.

Optimal seeding happens when the baby is vaginally born without antibiotics.

Certain events during pregnancy, labor and in infancy can disrupt this process and cause imbalances in your baby's gut. Fortunately, studies have shown that restoration is possible if action is taken early, and before your baby's microbiome fully matures by 3 years old.

Learn more about the science here.

Microbiome development by birth type
Image from: Bäckhed et al. Dynamics and Stabilization of the Human Gut Microbiome during the First Year of Life, Cell Host & Microbe 2015

How it works

Using our proprietary dry swab, we make it super easy to take a stool sample and send it to our lab!

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1. Collect your samples
Send us mom's vaginal & stool samples or baby's stool sample. We welcome dad's sample too!
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2. Get your microbiome profile
Our lab uses next-gen sequencing to analyze your microbiome. Expect results in 4-6 weeks.
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3. Talk to an expert
Hop on a free
30-min call with a microbiome expert to interpret your reports.
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4. Start taking action
Get personalized recommendations on how to optimize your or your baby's microbiome health.

What do you get with Tiny's Microbiome Tests?

Microbiome tests specially for mom & baby

Antibiotics, c-section delivery, and formula. While these practices have made it safer to have a baby, they also take a toll on your baby’s microbes. 

Not sure if you’ve been affected? Tiny Health shows you where you and your baby are strong and what needs a little work.

Gut development

Take action based on your unique profile

Studies show that infant gut imbalances are linked to eczema, food allergies, asthma, hay fever, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Fortunately, the child's microbiome is still malleable until they turn 3.

Tiny's results come with clear next steps, so you know how to improve your and your baby's health in the early years.

Order a test. Get clear answers.

Build your blueprint for better health.

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