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Join the first program for babies 0-12 months to manage and reduce risk of early health conditions after c-section.

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C-section births are hard for your baby's gut

It means your baby missed the very crucial "seeding moment" that happens during vaginal birth, where mom transfers the beneficial microbes that jumpstart the baby's microbiome.

Their immune system may need a little help

Fussiness, sleep issues, reflux, eczema, food allergies, and even some long-term conditions like asthma, and type 1 diabetes link back to this early moment on their microbiome journey.

Fortunately, the right interventions during their first 1,000 days can help your baby to course correct.

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Introducing C-Section Recovery

The first chronic care & management program for babies' guts

C-Section Recovery includes personalized gut tests, functional health coaching and on-call support from microbiome experts to empower you to manage, reduce and heal microbiome-related conditions, from the inside.

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What can C-Section Recovery help with?

Eczema, allergies & rash
Sleep issues
Eczema, allergies & rash
Sleep issues
Gut tests

Test your baby's gut and get a personalized action plan

Use our mess-free, at-home test kit to sample your little one during the program. We will create a personalized action plan based on their results, and you'll be able to retest to measure progress along the way.

Replaces qPCR tests (save $300+)

Lifestyle recommendations
Supplements recommendations
Probiotics recommendations
Nutrition recommendations
Tips, recipes, products & more
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1-on-1 coaching

Get monthly coaching calls to build your action plan & review your progress

Get guidance from our handpicked microbiome specialists to navigate your results, ask questions and adjust your action plan based on your progress.

Replaces functional provider visits (save $600/mo)

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Taylor Soderborg


After 15 years in academic medicine now builds bridges across all types of healthcare.

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Danielle Shea Tan

Lic. Nutritionist, CNS

Over one decade helping families thrive and heal chronic gut and skin issues.

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Jennie Vera

Registered Nurse, CNS

Helps families cultivate healthy habits for life after witnessing its power firsthand.

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Amy Orlandi

Functional Med. CHC, MPH

Specialized in working with families to navigate picky eating with fun and easy techniques.


Dive deep into gut health

Learn how to set-up your baby for lifelong gut health with educational emails and access to guides within your report, written by our expert team of doctors, and microbiologists.

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Unlimited chat support

Answer all your questions with our team of experts via chat & email

Receive ongoing guidance for you and your baby’s ever-evolving life. Reach out to us about all things probiotics, antibiotics or changes in diet and symptoms. We will know what your baby's microbiome looks like and can help you unravel these topics in real time.

Dr. prescribed these very strong antibiotics. Is there anything I can do to avoid impact on my baby’s gut?
Sorry to hear that! Don’t panic, research shows you can overcome it.
What can I do?
We recommend testing 4 weeks after ending antibiotics to see how your baby's gut is recovering. and we also recommend...
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Case Study

Melissa’s baby struggled with eczema after her c-section

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Join thousands of parents with happy, healthy children

My son was born via c section and had very poor gut health. He suffered from mild eczema and bad gas. After a month on the recommended probiotic from the team at tiny health both issues resolved completely
Jessie M.
Starting at 1 mo, my baby had several GI issues and we couldn’t pinpoint the cause. Tiny Health gave me a real look at what was going on and provided targeted advice. She is a whole new baby who is thriving and happy!
My 1+ month son had bad colic and gas. Colic drops didn’t work. Through Tiny Health’s tests, we got to the root of his fussiness - his gut health wasn’t great. After following some recommendations, his sleep and fussiness went away
Vijen T.

Start healing you baby's gut from the inside, today

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Gut Baseline Assessment

For babies 0-12m old
Get key metrics, a personalized action plan and an initial consult call with an expert coach.
  • 1x Tiny Health Baby Gut Test (to look for imbalances after a C-section)
  • 1x Gut health report (delivered 3-4 weeks after testing)
  • Biomarkers for your child’s health
  • 1x Functional Telehealth Coaching Call to review your results with an expert
  • Free shipping in the US
  • HSA/FSA Eligible
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One time purchase
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6-month program

C-Section Baby Gut Recovery Program

For babies 0-12m old
Take action with guidance from an expert coach to rebalance your baby's gut.
  • 2x Tiny Health Baby Gut Test (the first to establish a baseline, the second to measure improvement)
  • 2x Gut health reports (delivered 3-4 weeks after testing)
  • Biomarkers for your child’s health
  • 4x Functional Telehealth Coaching Calls to review your results, adjust your action plan, and check in on your progress
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Free shipping in the US
  • HSA/FSA Eligible
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6-month commitment, charged monthly, auto-renews

The first gut test designed for babies

Tiny Health was founded by a mom who wanted to test her baby’s gut trajectory after her C-section and couldn’t find a straight answer in the market. Our test is the first to measure what matters most to babies. Other gut tests use “adult reference ranges,” which are entirely different from babies' ranges and lead to incorrect conclusions. 

Your privacy comes first

  • We will never sell your data
  • Your info is confidential
  • Data is encrypted and secure

100% CLIA compliant lab

  • Tested in the US
  • Guaranteed accuracy & reliability
  • Highest quality standard
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How do we look at the microbiome?

Highest resolution analysis

We use deep-shotgun metagenomics sequencing, the gold standard to get a comprehensive analysis you can rely on to make informed decisions

Breakthrough insights

We use functional profiling to check what microbes are present, how much of them are there, and what they’re actually doing

Targeted suggestions

We use species-level identification and precision science to detect and confirm microbes' transference, probiotics impact, and more

The Tiny Health team has 7 PhDs, 106 scientific publications, 5,875 citations and 5 provisional patents

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Hear from other parents raving about Tiny Health

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Jessie M.
Verified buyer

“My son’s eczema and gas issues resolved completely”

"After a month on the recommended probiotic from the team at Tiny Health both issues resolved completely and at his follow up gut tests 2 month later his gut biome had improved immensely"
A happy mother of caucasian features in the forest with her baby in arms
Jessica M.
Verified buyer

"We were interested in our baby's microbiome but then..."

"Then things got more serious. At 6 mo he was hospitalized with severe pneumoniae, and needed the most extreme antibiotic. After following TH's advice, no trace of potentially antibiotic-resistant bacteria are left!"
A happy mother of caucasian features and brown hair in her home with her baby in arms
Carly H.
Verified buyer

"I only wish I had found them sooner!"

"I want to do everything I can to help my baby develop a strong immune system and Tiny Health has made that possible. The detailed action plan from her 7-day gut microbiome testing results made it so easy"
A happy father of asian features smiling to camera with his baby in arms
Vijen T.
Verified buyer

"We saw a huge improvement in our baby's fussiness"

"Tiny Health recommended that we get our baby on probiotics and within days we saw a huge improvement in his fussiness, he was sleeping better and wasn't crying as much! We can't wait to do another sample"
A happy mother of asian features and black hair in her home with her baby in arms
Katie L.
Verified buyer

“We were able to take action on his condition early on”

"After my baby was born, I tested him and followed Tiny Health’s recommendations.  After 4 mos, we retook the test and saw a drastic improvement. We were able to take the steps to make his immune system stronger"
A happy mother of caucasian features and blonde hair in the beach with her baby in arms
Ferisa G.
Verified buyer

"Tiny Health provided me with clear data to support gut health"

"Tiny Health has really gone above and beyond in providing helpful and reassuring data. If you are looking for the root cause of any issue or how to improve baby’s gut, Tiny Health will lead you to the answers"
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Set up your child for the healthiest life they can have

Healthier guts, healthier children. Sampling takes less than 5 minutes, and you’ll get a personalized report and ongoing coaching to start taking decisive steps towards optimal health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a baby has high levels of unfriendly bacteria in their gut microbiome for prolonged periods of time, especially in the first 1,000 days, it can elevate their risk for developing eczema, food allergies, asthma, and a host of other chronic conditions later in life like metabolic and autoimmune conditions. While only one piece of the puzzle, the microbiome plays an important role in the developing immune system and immunological conditions.

Thankfully, studies have shown there is a window of opportunity for intervention, and by acting early to restore your baby’s gut microbiome can reduce their microbiome risk for developing these conditions.

Tiny Health’s Root Cause Assessment and Baby Gut C-Section Recovery program, are designed to support you with your baby’s gut microbiome needs. Our baby gut test will be able to detect any microbiome imbalances that need to be addressed.

You will receive a personalized Action Plan and help from our microbiome coaches so that you can act quickly to course correct your baby’s gut before inflammation sets in.

Yes! By restoring your baby’s gut microbiome and reducing their “C-Section Signature” by the age of one, can help you reduce their microbiome risk for developing these conditions.

For example, this is an expert from one of our White Papers regarding C-Sections and asthma.

“Studies have shown that C-section-delivered infants are at more than double the risk of developing asthma later in life[30]. However, the risk of asthma can be mitigated after a C-section birth if the baby’s microbiome restores to a “healthy range” by 1 year of age [1]. Children who retain a C-section gut microbial signature at 1 year old have a 3 times increased risk of developing asthma by age 6, while C-section babies without the microbiome signature have the same risk as vaginal born babies.

This suggests that appropriate maturation of the gut microbiome mitigates the risk of asthma linked to C-section birth and provides a window of opportunity for intervention.”

Tiny Health’s Root Cause Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive report that flags any imbalances or dysbiosis in your baby’s gut, and a personalized action plan including dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. You will also receive one coaching session to review your baby’s report and feel confident in the steps you should take to optimize your baby’s gut health.

A Root Cause Assessment includes:

  • One gut microbiome test
  • An in-depth microbiome report and personalized Action Plan
  • One coaching session with a microbiome expert

The Baby Gut C-Section Recovery Program, includes everything from the Root Cause Assessment, plus 4 coaching sessions with a dedicated microbiome specialist and a second gut test to track your baby’s progress. The program will allow you to take the guesswork out of whether or not your baby’s gut has been fully restored. Throughout the program, your microbiome coach will help you update your Action Plan. The second gut microbiome test will determine if the actions you’ve taken have corrected your baby’s gut imbalances, or if additional action is required.  

Baby Gut C-Section Recovery Program includes:

  • Two gut microbiome test (C-section)
  • In-depth microbiome reports and personalized Action Plans for each test
  • Four coaching sessions with a microbiome specialist
  • Unlimited text and messaging support
  • A gut microbiome course (via e-mail)

If you join the program you are committing to a 6-month subscription. While you may cancel and stop your coaching sessions, you will be charged an early cancellation fee for the remaining balance of the program. If you are unsure about committing to a 6-month program, we recommend starting with the Root Cause Assessment (C-Section) to determine if your baby’s gut requires extended support and testing. If so, you can then opt into the Baby Gut C-Section Recovery program for additional support.

Tiny Health’s Root Cause Assessment and Baby Gut C-Section Recovery Program are great tools to use in conjunction with your provider’s services. There is no one-size fits all approach to gut health. Tiny Health’s services will be able to give your provider a clear view of what is happening in your baby’s gut so that a personalized plan of care that addresses your baby’s specific needs can be implemented. We also offer guidance to your practitioners at no additional cost, to help them best understand your results and utilize them in your care plan.

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