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After 15 years in academic medicine now builds bridges across all types of healthcare.

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Over one decade helping families thrive and heal chronic gut and skin issues.

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Helps families cultivate healthy habits for life after witnessing its power firsthand.

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Specialized in working with families to navigate picky eating with fun and easy techniques.

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Microbiome Seeding Report

For moms and babies testing together, see which microbes are being shared in the first 6 months of life

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See where your sample stands compared with the average population in the same age range

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For moms and babies testing together, see which microbes are being shared in the first 6 months of life

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Frequently asked questions

Tiny Health microbiome testing kits include lab-certified dry swabs in a tight-sealing collection tube. You take the swab out, collect the sample, and place it back in the tube. No gloves or complicated collection devices are needed.

You may purchase any gut test from our Tiny Health store and use it for any family member. The physical kit and collection swab are the same regardless of your age. After sampling, you will activate your kit and complete surveys which will allow us to tailor your report to you.

Your gut health testing kit includes printed step-by-step instructions for collecting your stool sample. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Twist open the collection tube to remove the swab.
  • Take the sample:
  • Baby: If testing a baby’s microbiome, take a swab of the stool directly from their diaper
  • Toddler/Child/Adult: You take a swab of your stool directly from soiled toilet tissue paper. Alternatively, you can add a stool collector to your Child or Adult kit at checkout.
  • Place the swab back in the tube and make sure you hear a click when you close the tube.
  • Return the tube to our lab in the prepaid bubble mailer right from your home USPS mailbox.

🤏 You only need a very tiny bit of stool on our dry swab. As long as there is a small amount available to the naked eye we will be able to process your sample. Check out this video for a great visual of how much stool should be visible on your collection swab.

Your vaginal health testing kit includes printed step-by-step instructions for collecting your sample. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Remove the swab from the collection tube.
  • Use one hand to spread the skin outside the vagina. Insert the tip of the swab into the vaginal opening. Rotate the swab inside the vagina for 10 to 15 seconds, then place the swab back in its tube.
  • Place the tube in the specimen bag, seal it, and return it to our lab in the prepaid bubble mailer, right from your home USPS mailbox.

💦Take your sample without using lubricants, and please refrain from sexual intercourse for 2 days before collection.

Eczema, allergies, and asthma are inflammatory conditions. Tiny Health microbiome tests help you identify inflammation at its source, your gut. With deep insights into your gut microbes, you can take action and help prevent or reduce inflammation in your body.

Here are two ways caring for your microbiome can help with inflammatory conditions:

1. In our first few years of life, our gut microbes help train our immune system how to behave. Without proper training, our immune system can contribute to long term issues with inflammation (e.g., eczema, allergies, asthma). The goal is to address imbalances early. That way, the immune system has proper education. This may even help prevent inflammatory conditions from developing.

2. At any age, the microbiome can become unbalanced. This may trigger inflammatory symptoms in our bodies. This can weaken the gut lining, cause leakiness or inflammation, and trigger the immune system. It is important to address these imbalances. Better gut health is possible at any age.

Tending to your gut health is beneficial for overall health and wellness. But your gut may not be the only factor contributing to inflammatory conditions. Many families have successfully reduced or eliminated symptoms by testing and taking action. When you use Tiny Health tests, you can rest assured that a team of gut health specialists are here to support your health journey.

We are not covered by insurance yet, but we are working on it! If you’d like to use your HSA/FSA we can provide you with a superbill to submit for reimbursement. (Please double check eligibility with your HSA/FSA plan prior to purchase.)

At this time, Tiny Health is only available to people living in the U.S. and Canada. Shipping to other countries is handled on a case-by-case basis

At this time, Tiny Health is only available to people living in the U.S. and Canada. Shipping to other countries is handled on a case-by-case basis

Tiny Health screens for over 120,000 microbes. This includes bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and archaea found in the microbiome. Each microbiome test kit includes a mess-free stool or vaginal swab with instructions. You return your kit in the pre-paid mailer, which goes to our CLIA and CAP certified lab for microbiome sequencing. In 3-4 weeks, you receive a precision report of your results. This includes personal, evidence-based suggestions to improve your gut or vaginal health.

Summary + Expert Highlight
Your summary gives you a bird’s eye view of your gut or vaginal health report. This includes a customized plan prepared by one of our microbiome experts.

The expert highlight guides you through the results. We help you understand what the data means and which actions to take first.

Key Insights
Learn about current imbalances that are important for your specific age. This means a 4-month old gets different metrics from a 12-month old. And a 2-year old gets different metrics than a 40-year old.

Microbiome Breakdown
You receive a comprehensive list of all microbes found in your sample. We categorize them as beneficial, unfriendly, variable, or unknown and provide detailed descriptions of each microbe. You can see how much of each microbe is present, down to a 0.05% abundance level. (No other baby gut test does this!)

This section of the report identifies if you have microbiome signatures for certain conditions. These markers could predict an increased risk of developing that condition.

Action Plan
We provide personal, evidence-based suggestions based on your test results and survey responses. Our suggestions may include actual products and brands that we recommend. You'll also receive useful diet, supplement, and lifestyle tips.

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