June 21, 2024

We're Teaming Up: Tiny Health and Rupa Health to Revolutionize Preventative Care

A pediatrician provides preventative care to a young baby in the arms of its mother



We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Rupa Health, one of the largest digital platforms for practitioners in the United States. This collaboration moves us closer to our shared mission of improving health outcomes through evidence-based insights, addressing issues at the root cause, and supporting the health of future generations.

Rupa is one centralized platform where practitioners can order from 30+ labs all in one place. By creating a single place for practitioners to order, track, and learn about labs, Rupa streamlines lab ordering workflows for clinics of all sizes, from solo providers to large multi-practitioner clinics. 

With Tiny Health Gut Health Tests, PRO Gut Health Tests, and Vaginal Tests now available on the Rupa platform, we can reach more families through Rupa’s extensive network of hospitals, practices, and clinics. 

Tiny Health Gut Health Tests, PRO Gut Health Tests, and Vaginal Tests are now available to Rupa Health's extensive network of healthcare providers.

And by offering Tiny Health tests, Rupa now provides the most comprehensive gut testing technology available, including the only baby gut test on the market using shotgun metagenomic sequencing—the gold standard in microbiome research. 

“Our partnership allows us to extend our impact and support practitioners in their quest to offer better preventative care,” said Tiny Health CEO Cheryl Sew Hoy. “Chronic conditions are on the rise, and our at-home tests give families—and their practitioners—access to deep functional insights so they can make better-informed decisions for their health.”

Addressing gut health is crucial in tackling the chronic conditions crisis affecting nearly 30 million children and almost half of U.S. adults. Through this partnership, practitioners and the families they serve can access the latest microbiome science and take action when it matters most, not ten years later.

What this means for practitioners and patients

Practitioners using Rupa can now order Tiny Health Gut Health Tests, PRO Gut Health Tests, and Vaginal Tests directly on the Rupa platform and access their patients’ Tiny Health results alongside other ordered labs. 

A screenshot of the Rupa Health platform and available Tiny Health gut and vaginal tests
Tiny Health Gut Health Tests, PRO Gut Health Tests, and Vaginal Health Tests are now available on the Rupa Health platform.

Rupa’s Physician Services offers a way for health and wellness professionals to order testing for their clients in partnership with a Signing Physician, provided by Rupa, who will be the physician of record on the order and screen for critical results.

Tiny Health’s technology can identify over 120,000 bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and parasites in a patient’s sample. Our reports provide age-specific insights and condition associations, with the potential to uncover microbiome risks for chronic conditions like eczema and allergies. These insights can inform personalized interventions, unlock insights into the root cause of symptoms, and enhance the patient-provider relationship.

This partnership enhances the patient experience for families with a practitioner in Rupa’s network. Their practitioner can order Tiny Health tests through the Rupa platform, with the results conveniently accessible alongside other lab work, all in one place.

Note: Practitioners and patients already using Tiny Health can continue to order directly from our website.

We're excited to partner with Rupa to help improve health outcomes. This collaboration adds to Tiny Health’s growing list of partnerships, including Gritwell, DYPER, Begin Health, and more. If you're a practitioner interested in working with Tiny Health, check out PoweredbyTiny.com to see how we can join forces.