Digestive Issues Program | Ages 18+

Address the root cause of your digestive issues

Learn to heal your body with the first gut testing and coaching program for digestive issues. Get clarity with personalized, science-based results and an expert coach.

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Digestive Issues ProgramDigestive Issues Program
Food sensitivities
Bad gas
Colic and gas
Antibiotic recovery
C-section recovery
Trouble sleeping
Bad gas

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Stop the never-ending cycle of discomfort

Modern medicine tends to address symptoms but miss the root cause - that is your gut health. With 80% of your body's immune system located in your gut, finding and addressing imbalances may be the key to unlocking real relief.

Take a root cause approach designed to get results

Your gut is the foundation of your overall health. Tackle your digestive issues and minimize uncomfortable symptoms with precision nutrition and a functional, holistic approach, personalized to your body.

Introducing: the 
Digestive Issues Program

Our comprehensive 6 month program includes:

  • 2x Baby gut testing kits: 1 to establish a baseline and 1 to track progress

  • 2x Baby gut testing kits: 1 to establish a baseline and 1 to track progress

  • 2x Baby gut testing kits: 1 to establish a baseline and 1 to track progress

  • 2x Baby gut testing kits: 1 to establish a baseline and 1 to track progress

  • 2x Baby gut testing kits: 1 to establish a baseline and 1 to track progress

  • 2x vaginal testing kits: 1 to establish a baseline and 1 to track progress

  • 2x Baby gut testing kits: 1 to establish a baseline and 1 to track progress

  • Personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations

  • Comprehensive gut health reports 3-4 weeks after each test

  • Predictive biomarkers for your baby’s health

  • Dedicated 1-on-1 telehealth coaching from our team

  • Unlimited SMS and email support

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Join 15,000+ parents with happy, healthy children

I love that it gives insight to a root cause of illness [in order to] improve overall health rather than just treating symptoms.
Makayla Brannon
INSIGHTFUL - I am so glad I found TinyHealth! I’ve struggled with gut health and have been on a healing journey for years. This is just what I needed to take my healing to the next level after having “plateaued” for a bit. It was especially helpful to be able to discuss my results with an expert
A picture of a happy mom with her baby smilingA title that reads Proud Momma
As a mom to a child with allergies, I am grateful for these actionable suggestions to strengthen her microbiome. I only wish I had found it when I was pregnant!


Miami, FL

Why a 6-month program?

Month 1
The adventure begins

Onboarding call

  • Send in your sample
  • Get started with early interventions
Month 2-4
Optimize gut health

Review your baby's baseline results with your coach

  • Implement personalized interventions
Month 5
Tracking your progress

Take your second sample

  • Check in with your coach on your baby's progress
  • Get started with early interventions
Month 6+
Follow up

Review your follow up results with your coach

  • Send in your sampleSee how changes have influenced your microbiome
  • Chart the course for your next steps

How the 

Baby’s Health Program


At-home stool based gut tests

[CMS] Sample your baby’s gut microbiome at home

Collect your mess-free stool sample in under 5 minutes with our lab-validated dry swab. Send in your sample using the prepaid mailer, and receive your comprehensive Gut Health Report in 3-4 weeks.

Action plan

Take decisive action with a custom plan

Nutrition & Diet

Restore gut health naturally with a list of foods and recipes that can support better digestion and absorption


Enjoy peace of mind with unbiased supplement recommendations


Discover the right strains of probiotics to support your unique microbiome

Lifestyle & Tips

Add simple, science-backed practices into your everyday life to improve your microbiome

1-on-1 coaching

Get to the root cause with guidance from a microbiome specialist

Navigate your baby’s results, ask questions, and get guidance from our team of microbiome experts before and after each test. Supplement your primary provider visits with more holistic care.

Unlimited messaging

Ask questions and get ongoing support

The average primary care visit lasts 18 minutes. With Tiny Health, you get 4, 30-minute consult calls over 6 months, and unlimited messaging with specialists in baby gut microbiome health.

Get personalized support for your baby's gut health conditions

Start healing your baby’s symptoms from the inside out
One time purchase

Gut Baseline Assessment

Get key metrics, a personalized action plan and an initial consult call with an expert coach to determine next steps.
  • 1x Tiny Health Baby Gut Test
  • 1x Gut Health Report with predictive biomarkers
  • 1x Telehealth coaching call to review your baby’s results
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Free shipping in the US  •  HSA/FSA eligible
6 month program
Best value

Digestive Issues Program

Take action to tackle your baby’s symptoms and rebalance their gut with two gut health tests and ongoing support from an expert coach.
  • 2x Tiny Health Baby Gut Tests
  • 2x Gut Health Reports
  • 4x Telehealth coaching calls to work through your plan
  • Predictive biomarkers for your baby’s health
  • $30 discount on additional test kits
  • Unlimited SMS and email support
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6-month commitment, charged monthly

Free shipping in the US  •  HSA/FSA eligible

The conventional approach

We’re over it... aren’t you?

  • $200 + eczema creams that do little to no good
  • $40/mo probiotics
  • $150/visit pediatrician appointments
  • $$$$$ sleepless nights
  • $300/visit functional doctor visits
  • $499/test traditional stool tests
  • $3,266/year asthma medication
  • $$$$$ absenteeism from work
  • $4,184/year food allergy tests and treatment
  • $40/mo probiotics

Hear from other people raving about Tiny Health

The first gut test designed with families in mind

Tiny Health was founded by Cheryl, a Mom looking to heal her baby’s microbiome after a C-Section birth. Unable to find clear, reliable answers anywhere she quickly realized that the only gut microbiome tests on the market were designed for grown-ups, not babies, leading to inaccurate results. She set out to create the first ever test to measure the microbiome health of babies during the critical first 1,000 days of life

As featured in:

Tiny Health Founder

A fresh perspective on baby’s health

The traditional approach to healthcare is failing us. Tiny Health empowers parents to take charge of their babies’ gut health, which is fundamental for their lifelong health.

Conventional approach

Tiny Health Logo
Tiny Health
Reactive approach
Proactive approach
Focus on treating symptoms
Find & address the root cause
Narrow testing for diagnosis
Microbiome tests see the big picture
Rushed, inconvenient office visits
30-minute telehealth coaching calls
One-size-fits-all advice
Personalized, holistic plan
Limited attention from provider
Unlimited messaging support

The Tiny Health team has 7 PhDs, 106 scientific publications, 5,875 citations and 5 provisional patents

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How do we look at the microbiome?

Highest resolution analysis

Highest resolution analysis

We use shotgun metagenomics, the gold standard in microbiome research. Make informed decisions with a comprehensive list of microbes found in your sample.

Breakthrough insights

Breakthrough insights

Through functional profiling, we tell you what microbes are present, how much of them are there, and what they’re actually doing.

Targeted suggestions

Targeted suggestions

Get actionable advice tailored to your age and unique test results. Our at-home tests empower you with strain-level detail and precision science.

Your privacy comes first

Your privacy comes first

We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information at every turn and we will never sell your personal information.  Your data is encrypted with the highest security standards to ensure complete confidentiality

100% CLIA compliant lab

CLIA & CAP certified lab

Your samples are processed at a U.S. clinical-grade lab, held to the highest possible standards.

Start trusting your gut again

Take control of your digestive issues with an in depth understanding at the source and a personalized roadmap to resolve symptoms with the support of a microbiome specialist. Sampling takes less than 5 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

During the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life, a type of programming takes place. This programming helps to determine a child’s lifelong health and has been directly linked to a wide range of metabolic and immune mediated disorders that fit under the umbrella of chronic disease, sometimes referred to as noncommunicable disease or noninfectious disease. And because of something called epigenetics, programming can even be carried from one generation to the next.

No pressure or anything.

During a baby’s first 1000 days, you have the opportunity to make a big impact in everyday ways, like simple lifestyle or diet shifts.

As a baby grows, their gut matures and their immune system gets a little more skilled at identifying friend versus foe. Gut maturity is marked by diversity. After birth, the first major leap we see is when a baby begins eating solid food.

Parents have the biggest impact on a baby’s gut health during pregnancy and a baby’s first 12 months. As a toddler, there are gradual shifts towards a more diverse and adult-like microbiome that stabilizes between 3 and 5 years old.

Factors that affect baby gut health include vaginal birth or C-section, breastfeeding or formula feeding, and the use of antibiotics.

Please visit our Help Center for any question we may not have answered here.

We use a stool test collected with a lab-certified sampling swab from soiled tissue paper.

The process is simple and unlike other tests on the market, Tiny Health doesn't require gloves, a spoon-like collection device, or that you handle stool at all, other than on a regular tissue paper.

The sample is then stored in the included container and zippered back and mailed back to us on the prepaid envelope included with your kit.

In short, it’s never too late to test. The sooner you have a baseline sample, the better.

Keep in mind that the gut is still developing until the age of 3 - 5 years old. Up until this point, you have an opportunity to check in on your little one’s gut health and make changes, if needed.

For older children, testing can reveal a lot about their gut health. Including levels of hidden gut inflammation, levels of bacteria that make anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids, microbiome diversity, and biomarkers for immune health and fiber digestion.

Even if your child’s gut has reached adult-maturity, there’s still an opportunity to influence their dietary, supplement needs, and lifestyle choices.

Please visit our Help Center for any question we may not have answered here.

Conventional medical practitioners don’t get training for microbiome health and as such, are not always familiar with the latest research and recommendations in this field of medicine. However, our tests are developed by a team of leading pediatric scientists and physicians who are on the cutting edge of this impactful field.

Often, it’s up to your doctor to keep up on the latest research and most don’t have the time. In addition to this, it can take 10 - 15 years for academic research to be put into medical practice. So it’s possible that your doctor hasn’t heard about the gut microbiome.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s something to wait on. Especially during pregnancy and the first few years of life.

Recent studies show just how important the microbiome is to your baby’s immune development. You can use microbiome testing to make sure your baby has bacteria that protect health.

It is not possible to detect specific allergies or sensitivities through any gut microbiome test.

But we can show associations between your baby’s gut microbiome and their symptoms of eczema or allergies. Or the potential risk of these conditions developing.

How do we do this?

We use something called biomarkers. Microbial biomarkers are bacteria associated with a higher or lower likelihood of developing a particular condition.

Our microbial biomarkers are developed from research.

The Tiny Health Bioinformatics Pipeline uses a custom built database of over 120K complete microbial genomes. We sift through the research surrounding the microbiome and use this information to develop a list of bacteria that we feel are important to track in early life.

Beyond the gut, there are a lot of other factors that can contribute to these conditions. Like genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposures. If your child has eczema or food allergies, Tiny Health can show whether or not biomarkers for these conditions are present. And how to best support gut health.

Emerging microbiome research has shown the importance of gut health to our overall health. The science links 80% of our immune system to the gut. So, taking steps to improve gut health supports lifelong wellness.

There are many tools and strategies to help improve your gut health. These include eating the best foods and taking supplements for gut health, or working with a gut health coach. Yet there is no one-size-fits-all approach to gut health. For example, taking a probiotic for the gut may be beneficial for some individuals. In others, it could do more harm than good. Imagine there’s already high levels of a beneficial microbe in your gut. Taking a probiotic could boost those levels to a point where they are too high, resulting in low diversity in the gut microbiome.

Taking a gut microbiome test is the best way to determine if there are any imbalances in your gut that need course correction. Testing helps educate you on the best actions for your unique microbiome. And you can retest to track if dietary changes and gut health supplements or probiotics are having the intended effect.

With a database of over 130,000 genomes mapped out, we’re able to provide:

  • A comprehensive list of all bacteria fungi, parasites, viruses, and archaea found in your baby’s microbiome
  • Your baby’s Tiny Health Gut Type
  • Key Insights about your baby’s microbiome and what this means for their health
  • Condition Biomarkers, which may give you clues about what’s happening in your baby’s body and the risk for specific conditions
  • Associations between any symptoms your baby might have and their microbiome